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Chaps are the best way a cowboy has found to cover the legs with protection from barbed wire, branches, hay bails, weather, thorns, saddle sores and the occasional bite of an ornery horse. Chaps will help save your money by protecting your jeans and your legs. Motorcyclists also appreciate chaps as protection from the elements, flying stones, bugs, road rash, and for just plain good looks. They are easy to take off when leaving a bike, and quick to put on if suddenly needed.

Jim Stone is a first class craftsman with over a third of a century of experience and a background in boot and saddle repair. Today’s business demands limit Jim’s time so he focuses his skills on handmade chaps, saddle bags, holsters, cartridge belts and knife sheaths made from the finest handpicked, quality leathers that will last for years to come. A skilled professional can only achieve his attention to detail.

Two leather shafts for legs, held together by a belt, resemble shotgun barrels thus called “shotgun” chaps. SHOTGUN CHAPS usually have no fringes, unlike years ago when they were useful to flick off water droplets and fashionable in their time. Leather flaps that assist in preventing abrasion of other objects cover heavy brass zippers that close down the outside of each leg. The back belt can be fastened by a buckle or laced overlapping leather for extra adjustment capabilities.
BUCKAROO CHAPS are cooler, looser, fasten with snaps and are usually worn with tall boots allowing freedom for the knee to bend in order to support a horse’s foot while applying a shoe.
MOTORCYCLE CHAPS are similar to shotgun chaps with an additional hook and loop closure or snaps at the bottom of the legs to seal off the wind. Fringes are optional.
BATWING CHAPS are similar to buckaroo chaps but are full length. Batwings allow greater air circulation closing around the legs with spring snaps on leather thongs that hook onto dee-rings fastened to the chap by decorative metal conchos.

Jim can, also craft matching SADDLE BAGS to pack your necessities, or horn bags for the saddle horn offering quick access to binoculars or a camera, etc

Stone’s Mercantile also offers modern or period western hats, replica model firearms, badges, tomahawks, and various other items circa 1800.


STONE’S MERCANTILE is located ½ block west of the Jackson Hole downtown square on Broadway.
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Stone’s Mercantile
Box 2775
80 West Broadway
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
[email protected]
Phone: (307) 733-3392
Fax: (307) 733-0709
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