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Geier Glove #220–LDP, Deerskin, Pile lining

Geier Glove Co. has been making fine leather gloves for the working cowboy and the city slicker for decades. Style #220-LDP in brown or black, is made of deerskin with a pile lining to maintain dead air space for warmth and soft comfort. Just touch the leather and you will instantly luxuriate in the sensual delight of smooth, soft deerskin. You might even look forward to a few cold days just to give you the opportunity to wear them.

Geier Glove #200, Deerskin

Style #200, in black or natural color deerskin, unlined, will be just right when you need to go to town. You will appreciate this fine leather, driving glove the moment you grab the icy cold steering wheel of you car. Taking very little room in your pocket they are perfect to rely on for unexpected chills in the air.
Geier Glove #440-LDI, Elkhide, Thinsulate Lining

When winter winds blow we shall have snow but you will be ready with these soft, warm, Thinsulate lined gloves. Shovel the snow or throw snowballs with the kids. Enjoy winter!
Geier Glove #740-ES, American Bison

Geier Glove style #740-ES is made of genuine American Bison. Soft and pliable yet thicker than elk or deer, these gloves are what you are looking for if you need a little more protection on your hands. They will serve you as well as a faithful horse and a good dog at your side.


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Stone’s Mercantile
Box 2775
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Fax: (307) 733-0709
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