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From out of the West and into the 21st century, fine leather, fully lined gun belts handmade by Jim Stone are worn with pride. There is something compelling about the quality, feel, smell and the gentle sounds of leather. Whether it is a well-worn saddle, chaps, a pair of boots, or a fine gun belt, it feels like an old friend as soon as you put it on.

Now that the West is not so wild, you can lasso that old western image with a gun belt that is wide and strong enough to hold up to the weight of a pistol just like the cowboys did in the old days. Jim handcrafts authentic designed belts and holsters from the 1800’s as well as modern designs. Jim also makes quick draw and shoulder holsters for the marksmen. Jim’s holsters and gun belts are classic, with clean finishing to show the quality of the finest leather that he personally hand picks.

Jim’s gun belts and holsters only get better over time, conforming gently to the contours of your body each time they are worn. Wild horses couldn’t drag you away from your chance to pack iron on your hip like the gunmen of the old west. Let Jim custom make a cartridge belt, holster, and matching knife sheath just for you from the same fine leather, and you can wear them with pride. A matched set would be an impressive combination.

Jim makes a variety of leather items, many of which are on display at Stone’s Mercantile. Jim will make a sheath to fit your knife. All the custom knife sheaths are made from 9 oz. prime tooling leather that can have an oil finish or dyed black.

Jim’s handmade knife sheaths enclose the blade of the knife in a leather pocket with no metal rivets to mar the knife’s fine edge. The sheath can be hand stitched, machine stitched, or hand laced around the edge. The stitching is buried in the leather so the blade of the knife cannot cut the threads. Some sheaths have handy large button snaps to secure the protective flaps. Generous leather loops fit over your belt for comfort and easy access to your companion knife.


Single action shooters will appreciate Jim’s classic “gunfighter” era holsters used in modern day cowboy action shooting events. Stone’s Mercantile also offers period western hats, chaps, and replica model firearms, badges, tomahawks, and various other items circa 1800.


STONE’S MERCANTILE is located ½ block west of the Jackson Hole downtown square on Broadway.
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Stone’s Mercantile
Box 2775
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