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“Howdy, Pardner!” If you’re looking for a real unique and interesting store, you will be happier than a speckled dog under the old wagon on a sunny day, when you step into STONE’S MERCANTILE. You’ll be awed by the massive display of western and period hats from the floor to near the 28-foot high ceiling. Clothing, boots, belts, gloves, purses, moccasins, leather chaps, gunbelts, whips, lariats, bandanas and replicas add to the “Old West” ambiance.

The replicas at STONE’S MERCANTILE include pistols, rifles, bandanas, Wanted Posters, skeleton key rings, badges, swords, card decks, miniature cannons, hats, bowie knives, tomahawks, Union Army hats, confederate money, and a variety of Civil War and Old West items. To help keep the memory alive we carry an extensive selection of Old West CD music and books.

Among the interesting replicas you will find a variety of model, non-firing pistols and rifles with working mechanics, mounted on plaques and held by model bullets or animal figures. Each plaque has sheriff badge or a decorative picture of historic significance pertaining to the firearm and the roll it played in history. Beside the picture is a brass plate with a description.


.45 Caliber, “Peacemaker”, Billy The Kid

1851 Navy, cap & ball, Wild Bill Hickock

Nickel-plated “Peacemaker”,
Legendary Arm of the Old West, Sheriff’s badge.


Perhaps you would like to have a model pistol or rifle to display over the fireplace or in the office. These replicas can be used on stage or by period reinactors to finish their turn of the century costumes.

1851 Navy, engraved, ivory grips As used by Wild Bill Hickock

1860 Army, cap and ball
45 Caliber, nickel engraved, “Peacemaker” Ivory engraved grips

1875 “Peacemaker, nickel Legendary arm of the Old West

1850 Revolving Musket

Henry repeating rifle, octagon barrel

1866 Western lever action, saddle gun

There are some wonderful items in STONE’S MERCANTILE for the home. You will find a large selection of Steven’s Linens including: place mats, potholders, towels, napkins, aprons, and tote bags with either western or wildlife designs. Old west music CDs and books of the west, and Wyoming picture frames and dinnerware with brands around the rims will decorate your dinner table.

Complement your western table with glass and stemware displaying a variety of brands above a rope around the rims. Milk, highball, beer, old fashion, and whiskey glasses, as well as mugs and can cozies have the Wyoming bucking bronco stamped onto the leather coasters that are assembled with hand whipped lacing. Canisters, salt and pepper shakers, sugar and syrup dispensers, pitchers, carafes, ice buckets, trays, napkin rings, journals, photo albums and guest books are some of the items available.


STONE’S MERCANTILE is located ½ block west of the Jackson Hole downtown square on Broadway.
Open: 7 days a week
10 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays (Mountain Time).
Stone’s Mercantile
Box 2775
80 West Broadway
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
[email protected]
Phone: (307) 733-3392
Fax: (307) 733-0709
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